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weighted angel testimonial

Weighted Angels does incredible work to reach parents during the darkest time in their lives. When our daughter, Sienna Grace, tragically died during delivery at Riverside Regional in January 2022, we were completely devastated and heartbroken. We were given a memory box which contained a weighted stuffed animal, an Odin Moose, which weighed almost the same as our sweet girl. This precious gift ensured that we did not leave the hospital with empty arms. It meant so much to us to read the story of Odin and learn the meaning behind his stuffed animal. We continue to be comforted by Odin during our most trying times, as the weight of holding him offers healing. He is now proudly displayed in our home next to our sweet Sienna's urn and photo. We will forever be grateful to Weighted Angels for their support, and we will champion their cause to hold up other families who lose a baby all too soon.


- Crystal & Steve Midlik 

After we had our baby girl, Brooklyn, the nurse came into the room with a Weighted Angel. We got the sloth! Without this sloth our journey through this would be so much harder. The sloth brings us comfort through the nights. 

In Honor of Brooklyn Renee Langrum

weighted angel testimonial

Weighted Angels is an incredible non-profit that provided comfort to us in a way no one else could when our son, Jasper, died. When we received our Finley Bunny, the holes in our hearts slowly began to heal. Holding the weight of our baby boy in our arms is a priceless gift; It gives us the opportunity to close our eyes and pretend we are holding Jasper again. Since receiving our Finley Bunny, Jasper continues to send us bunnies in many different ways and bunnies have become a symbol for our sweet boy. Weighted Angels gave us the gift we didn't know we needed through the most difficult time in our lives, and now we will continue to support their mission to ensure that no family leaves the hospital with empty arms.


- Kayleigh and William Glueck

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