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Individual Requests

Individual Requests Form Submission

Thank you! We will add you to our waitlist for the month of April.

When submitting an individual request form, please make sure that you:


1. Please, include ALL shipping information- including house/apartment number, street name, city, state, & zip code. If an address is incomplete, we are unable to send you your Angel. 

2. Please write your baby's birthweight as pounds and ounces. For example, 1 lb 3.2oz. We want to make sure that you receive the correct Angel for your baby but we are ultimately not responsible if you receive the incorrect Angel based off of the weight that was submitted on this form. 

3. While we do not charge for our Angels, we do recommend a donation to cover shipping. We understand that financially, is hard right now. As a non-profit, we feel that stress too. Our mission is for no family to leave the hospital empty handed and the only way we are able to continue to fulfill individual requests each month are by donations to cover the shipping charges. Each Angel costs approximately $25 to create- not including shipping costs.

4. Once you submit a form, you will receive a confirmation letting you know we received your request and you are placed on the waitlist. We will also send an email close to the 15th of the month reminding of the recommended donation for shipping if we have not received it. If we do not receive a donation by the last Wednesday of the month, we will begin working our way through our waitlist and can move you to another month with availability should you request to be moved.



We want to be able to help as many families as possible so we appreciate your understanding as we implement some guidelines around individual requests!

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