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How To Help

There are many ways that you can help support Weighted Angels. Whether it is monetary donations, volunteering at one of our events, or purchasing items off of our wish list, we are thankful for your support! 

Weighted Angels is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions to our organization are tax deductible. 

If you would like to send a donation, you can donate through our PayPal link or you can send a check in the mail:

P.O. Box 449 West Point, VA 23181 

Please make checks payable to:

Weighted Angels

How do your monetary donations help our organization?

Each donation that is made to Weighted Angels, helps to provide hospitals & families weighted, stuffed animals. Each animal provided costs approximately $25 and we supply each of our 12 hospitals with 40 animals as an initial stock- which equals $1,000 per hospital or $12,000 total for a full stock for all 12 hospitals. After the initial stocking of the hospitals, we continue to provide them animals each month based on each hospital's inventory. 

On top of the 9 hospitals that we support each month, we provide a limited number of individual requests per month. These requests allow those families who are not local, to receive a Weighted Angel after their baby's or babies tragic loss. It costs us approximately $350 a month to provide these families an Angel, not including shipping costs. 

To put these numbers into a yearly perspective, from September 1, 2022 to January 17, 2023- Weighted Angels provided over 333 Angels to families experiencing pregnancy & infant loss across the United States. If we continue providing Angels at that rate yearly, that is approximately $21,000 per year if we do not support any additional hospitals outside of our current 12.

As our organization has grown, we have been able to better understand the growing need for our Weighted Angels and hope to be able to increase our number of supported hospitals each year. 

Your monetary donations help to provide these families with comfort through our Angels during this time. Because we are a non-profit, we operate solely on donations throughout the year. Without the help of our donors, we wouldn't be able to help as many families across the U.S like we do right now. 

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