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Frequently Asked Questions

I made a donation. How do I get a receipt for taxes?

If you have made a donation to Weighted Angels and are needing a receipt for tax purposes, please send your request to

Does Weighted Angels sell the Angels or take individual orders?

Weighted Angels is made up of four bereaved mothers who donate and volunteer their time to this organization. While we would love for every single loss family to receive a Weighted Angel, our main focus is ensuring families in Virginia never leave the hospital with empty arms after experiencing pregnancy & infant loss. As our organization continues to grow, we are looking forward to being able to expand to hospitals throughout the United States 

With that being said, we have been able to better structure our organization to allow an extremely limited number of individual requests per month. Should you request an Angel during a month with no availability, we will automatically place you on the next month with availability. 

Since we are a non-profit organization and do not charge for our Weighted Angels, we are only able to complete individual requests through donations. Please know that we do not ship internationally.

We will notify you with shipping confirmation and tracking information. Please know that we have zero control of shipping times and/or delays. If you should have an issue, please contact USPS directly.

I love your mission! How do I get involved?

Weighted Angels puts on several Fundraising Events throughout the year. We are always seeking volunteers to help with our events and to help make our Angels. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities or how to help, click link below!

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